Feb 4 @ 3:00pm EST
Dee Williams, LIVE Dee Williams Feb 4 @ 3:00pm EST

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Zoey Laine, LIVE Zoey Laine Filmed Jan 14 @ 3:00pm EST

We can't know precisely what form of lascivious behavior will be revealed in the upcoming live show, but we know what she endured in October.

Last time Zoey Laine visited, she was wearing her Black Snake Moan outfit. It was only fitting we chain her down and destroy her pretty little mouth.

Bound in custom metal restraints, chained in place, Zoey found herself completely helpless and at our mercy. Her neck was collared and chains held her mouth in place for some brutal throat fucking. She couldn't escape the cock that attacked her pretty little face hole, or the vibrator that kept making her cum. The boys were extreme and fucked Zoey's tight throat into subspace. There is nothing sexier than a cock drunk, dazed slut, looking at you with glossed over eyes as the cock plugs her throat up tight.

In the end, Zoey was just another broken slut who wondered what the hell just happen.

Get ready to see her in honest bondage, no acting, real sexual destruction, LIVE, after you . . .

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Lorelei Lee, LIVE Lorelei Lee 2017-01-14

This live show footage is being edited and will be published soon.

From the early days of Insex, beautiful blonde Lorelei Lee has stunned us with her eagerness for sexual experiences that to many people are unthinkable. She let her mind roam in PD's wilderness of the unexpected, as he bound her and bent her like a doll. Lorelei's willingness to be explored and exhibited as a spectacle is part of what defines Insex.

Last year, our own eagerness was satisfied, when Lorelei returned to our studio to show us how it's done. Her aptitude for bondage and rough sex made us crave her presence in a live show as soon as possible.

In light of our current political climate, Lorelei and the team decided to go full misogyny. In addition to the physical overload during the show, there was a psychological overload brought on through painful use of language. You'll have to hear it to believe it.

Until then, make good use of your time and . . .

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Violet Monroe, LIVE Violet Monroe 2016-12-26

This live show was filmed December 17, 2016.

What happens when the immovable object gets hit by the irresistible force, that is exactly what is happening in this conclusion of last months live show.

The best slut on the planet just met the best slut breakers on the planet, The boys of Sexually Broken have defeated the very best the porn industry has to offer, over and over again. So what happens when two gladiatorial force collide?

One of the best ending we have ever had in a live show, do NOT miss this published show!

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Milcah Halili, LIVE Milcah Halili 2016-12-17

Milcah Halili is one of our new toys, and we play rough with our toys, especially when our enthusiastic live audience is watching. Matt Williams tested Milcah's ability to entertain us in a recent Hardtied episode.

With ropes at the ready, Matt pushed Milcah off their feet and onto their ass. He took out a flogger and started beating Milcah's perky little tits with it. Milcah didn't respond to it much in the beginning, but with each lash of the many tails, Milcah squirmed and whimpered a little more. But Matt decided he didn't really need to hear them whimper and the shaking does enough for him, so he stuck a black ball gag in Milcah's mouth to shut them up and then picked up a cane and carried on with his work. He struck it against their feet, thighs, and pussy. If Milcah could cry out they would but instead they just wriggle with discomfort as he abuses that tight little body.

After that, Matt decided it was time for Milcah to cum for him in the most outrageously overwhelming way possible. He sat Milcah down on top of the sybian, the most powerful vibrator of which we are aware, and tied them down there so that they couldn't squirm away. Then he turned it on to high power. He took the flogger back out and beat Milcah's breasts with it as they sat there cumming over and over again, and when that wasn't enough he brought out the whip and gave them some lashes right across their chest. Milcah was lucky they were able to get up off the floor when Matt was done with them.

If you want to see Milcah endure more of this outrageous behavior on December 3rd, now is a good time to . . .

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Nora Riley, LIVE Nora Riley 2016-11-28

Nora Riley is as cute as a kitten and super slutty. She loves bondage and rough sex. She also loves MILFS and Daddies, and we just may be able to supply those for her.

In her recent Sexually Broken episode, we had her bound, standing spread and helpless, and ready to spit roast. She got brutally fucked in both holes from, both sides. Extreme throat fucking and deep throating from one side, fucked and made to squirt from the other. Dee and her massive tits and strap on made Nora squirt over and over. In the end our cute girl next door was breathless, standing in her own squirt, and exhausted from cumming so many times during deepthroating. A day this college student won't soon forget.

We subjected Nora to even more anatomical gymnastics in her live show. This show is being edited and will be published soon.
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Nikki Darling, LIVE Nikki Darling 2016-11-19

This live show was filmed November 5, 2016.

Coming on our live show once is a trial for even the most hard core of our subs, so the fact that Nikki Darling has come back looking for seconds is something to behold. Her thirst for back-breaking bondage is absolutely unquenchable. That said, it doesn't hurt to try, and O.T. and London River are really going to do their best. They are going to use rope and metal to give Nikki all the fun she can possibly have.

First, they provide Nikki a cute girl and tie the two of them together, Nikki's rope gag to the other girl's hobbled hands and vice versa. Now they are gagged, holding each other in place as they are whipped and have their clothing cut and peeled away. Our handlers, however, grow weary of watching the two of them struggle, and take Nikki's play thing away to lock her in a cage on the floor where she can no longer be reached. And once she is gone it's time to have fun with Nikki on her own.

O.T. puts her down on her knees and bends her back over a horizontal bar, her arms tied behind her back and her neck tied to posts on either side of her. Then he attaches nipple clamps and sticks a black ball gag in her mouth. If that isn't enough, he puts a plastic bag over her head to make it hard for her to breathe while he vibrates her pussy with a hitachi. He unties the rope from the side posts and fastens it to the floor instead, so that her head is being pulled all the way back as she cums for him.

This show is now published.
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