FAQ - Web Site Sale
(updated 11/16/05)

Q: Why did Intersec Interactive, Inc. sell insex.com?

A: There are two main reasons:

(1) The lack of ability to obtain a stable and reliable merchant account with a US bank.
(2) The potential for an annoying, lengthy and expensive obscenity prosecution.

With respect to reason (1), it would seem that the current US administration found itself in the position of being beholden to the anti-erotica religious right, yet at at the same time unable to make any significant inroads against adult producers using the court system. Faced with failed prosecutions and a stubborn court system that repeatedly ruled in favor of adult producers, the administration came up with what some people no doubt thought was a very clever way to do an end run around the legal barriers it faced protecting privacy and freedom of expression. The government went after the banks and the credit card processing companies, warning them that processing transactions for adult businesses ran a high risk of laundering money for terrorism and formally advising them against taking on any new accounts for adult businesses and to take steps to close the accounts of existing ones.

The net result after two years of government pressure is that it is all but impossible to get a merchant account with a US bank for an adult web site. Unfortunately, it would seem that no one thought far enough ahead about what would happen when a several billion dollar a year industry was gradually forced to move their processing overseas - where money laundering for terrorist organizations is a much more real possibility now that all that money increasingly goes through shady banks in Asia and Eastern Europe instead of the US banking system where it used to be able to be monitored effectively.

With respect to reason (2), recent developments related to changes in US law and government policy have made Intersec Interactive, Inc. a clear target for prosecution. Revisions to adult record keeping requirements and the creation of a federal task force specifically targeting producers that create media featuring urination, defication, sadism and masochism have caused Intersec Interactive, Inc. to decide that continuing to produce insex.com from the US would be too great a potential liability.

While Intersec Interactive, Inc. is certain that a potential prosecution would have no chance of success based upon insex.com's artistic and educational value, especially in light of other recent high profile obscenity prosecution failures, the staff is unwilling to fight a lengthy and expensive court battle only to emerge victorious but bankrupt.

The new owner of insex.com, a Dutch citizen with a company based in the Netherlands, is outside the jurisdiction of US law and therefore does not face the problems that Intersec Interactive, Inc. does.

Q: I just bought a new ticket / I have an existing ticket. How does this impact me? Will you still be putting up new content? Can I still access the site?

A: The site is now closed until further notice. The new owner of the site has not yet decided what the path forward will be.

Q: Will pd and the rest of the insex staff still produce bondage? Is pd retiring? Is this truly the end?

A: Yes, pd and the staff will still be producing bondage, on hardtied.com. The bondage on hardtied will follow insex quality and style, but will be devoid of the elements that would make the site a target for US government prosecution. So, this is the end of insex for the moment, but not the end of pd's vision or his contributions to the subject of bondage. Check back frequently for updates.

Although previously, we had said we would commute memberships from insex to memberships to the new site if members wished us to do so instead of issuing refunds, upon further reflection, we have decided that this is a technical and administrative nightmare, so we are just going to issue prorated refunds upon request and accept new memberships on our new site instead.

Q: I want a refund. How do I get one?

A: If you purchased your ticket before August, 15, 2005, we cannot automatically issue you a refund, as we are no longer processing with the card processor we used at the time, as that processor acted in bad faith and held back revenue in an attempt to defraud us. However, you can still get a full refund by simply contacting your bank or card issuer and initiating a "chargeback" against the transaction. The nature of our card processor's agreement with their bank will force them to credit your account and take the money out of the hands of the thieves and put it back in your wallet.

If you purchased your ticket on or after August 15, 2005, or placed a ticket purchase via Moneybookers or Mail Order, please use the SUPPORT REQUEST FORM. If you do decide that you want a refund, be sure to include all the necessary information, such as your ticket number, the full name exactly as it appears on the card that you used to purchase your ticket, the email address you used to purchase your ticket and the mailing address and name that you wish to have on the check issued to you.

Refunds will be issued on a fair prorated basis. For example, if you purchased a 1 year ticket for $240, and used the site for 6 months, you will receive a check for $120.

Q: I don't have a ticket / my ticket ran out, can I please access insex content somehow?

A: No.

Q: Can I buy insex.com?

A: You would have to contact the new owner. The new owner's contact information is located on the front page of the site.